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Chocolate Caramels

Hand made with classical French technique, chocolate and caramel marry to make you feel comforted, nurtured, and a little spoiled - with all the nostalgia of childhood, and none of the artificial ingredients.


50mg herbal equivalency


**gluten free


    unrefined cane sugar, glucose, evaporated milk, heavy cream, 65% chocolate, non-deodorized cocoa butter, salt, industrialized hemp


    Each of our Products are handmade.  We do all of our extractions in-house.  This process is never rushed.  We try to honor our commitment to you, by providing support that is honest and filled with love.  Our extraction methods are attended to with dilligence.  Our shipping days are Tuesday and Friday.  We will send your order on the shipment day closest to when it is received.  Thank you for your understanding