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Why We Do This

This company was born out of the desire to heal myself.  To comfort myself through the journey of Breast Cancer.  I am a Holistic Chef, Herbalist, and Life Coach.  I have relied on the power of herbs and nutrition for wellness.  Along the way, many people asked me to assist them on their journey to health.  Alchimique Botanicals was born.  I look forward to serving you in your desire for wellness.  I am also available for private consults and support.

As we progress into new tech, and faster production, we tend to lose sight of the slow, natural process of living.  We are a company that harnesses what it means to live, not simply exist.  We offer tinctures, confections, and remedies with prescribed herbal applications to target various disorders in the body, whether mental, physical or emotional.  Alchimique is the practice and contemplation of combining elements to create something distinctly valuable; in our case, MAGIC.  By applying intention, combining specific adaptogens and treating each mixture as a receptive essence, we have captured the attraction of wellness.  Alchimique offers a holistic way to balance your systems and experience harmony.  We invite you to heal with us.



Phoenix Wellness Center

483 Moreland Ave NE #1

Atlanta, GA  30307

Modern Mystic

Ponce City Market

675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE N212

Atlanta, GA   30308

Rose Finch Spa

1604 Dekalb Ave NE C

Atlanta, GA   30307

Full Circle Studio

24 Waddell St.

Atlanta, GA   30344

Seed to Star

178 Laredo Dr. Suite B

Decatur, GA   30030



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